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Weekly Status Report: 8 March 2002

Turbine 2.2

Things are still on schedule for the release of Turbine 2.2 Beta 1 on the 18th of March. Eric Dobbs has volunteer to help with the integration of Fulcrum into Turbine 2.2 so there will be two of us working on a solution. Once this is done we can release and let people give things a whirl.

The services code in Turbine 2.2 will be declared dead, in the same fashion as Torque code in 2.2 has, so there will be a migration document for those planning on moving their 2.2 services forward to Fulcrum. I will also try to get a transformation descriptor together for use with the transformation tool in Maven to take care of the tedious changes like import statements and the like.

Progress on Maven

We managed to work out most of the project extensibility issues in that it is now easy for a project to have its specific targets coexist with the maven targets that come as are part of the generated build system.

Pete has made a DVSL stylesheet that produces an attractive page displaying the JUnit tests.

I've done some work on a tool that will analyse a project's existing JAR file and determine dependencies on other projects. At the moment I know what the invidual class dependencies are by using bytecode analysis and now I have to map those class dependencies to projects in order to produce an accurate project descriptor with full dependencies listed.

I have converted the Texen Ant task into a bean so that it can be used from the command line so I hope to have a command line tool that will produce a comprehensive Maven build system along with required project descriptor within the week.

I am looking to replace the XML -> Bean mapping mechanism used in Maven with the Betwixt package in the Commons sandbox. Betwixt provides full roundtrip mapping and it is generally more configurable. I am also trying to get rid of as much code in Stratum as possible and go with existing or better code so I'm going to try and get rid of the homegrown mapper that I made.

Turbine 3.0

There will be a full roadmap for Turbine 3.0 this Friday. I will try and outline all the things I think are required for Turbine 3.0 to be successful and all the items that need to be taken care of in order to get there. I will try to make the roadmap highly detailed.