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Getting Started With Turbine

The best way to get started with Turbine is to use the Maven Archetypes, find it on GitHub. You might interested to use the Docker mode, read more about it the here as well.

See also the blog post in the Turbine Blog for more usage information.

Binary And Source Distributions

If you already know how to use Turbine and simply want the latest binaries or source, you can get them from the Apache Mirror System or from Github Turbine-Core Release Section.

Please verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP signature (*.asc files) or the SHA512/SHA256 hash (*.sha512 or *.sha256 checksum files).

  • Find the signatures/checksums here (in subfolder binaries or source) .
  • Find the public keys used by the Turbine developers to sign the files.

Getting Archived Releases

If you look for older releases of Turbine, both, binaries and source, you can get them from the Apache Archive.

Getting The Development Source From GIT

You can check out the latest source from the Turbine GIT repository. Information on connecting to the ASF GIT repositories can be found on the version control page.

More specific details can be found on the Source Repository page, within Project Reports under Project Documentation, of each Turbine sub-project.

git clone

Turbine Build environment

Find the entire Turbine build environment and help pages here:

git clone

The old svn repository of Turbine is still available in readonly mode. SVN Turbine Trunk (deprecated).

Building The Source

Be sure and read the file for instructions on how to build Turbine.

Turbine uses Maven as its build system, and building is as simple as running 'mvn package' at the top of the source directory.