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How the Apache Turbine project works

We have evolved into Top Level state from being a founding and long-time member of the Apache Jakarta Project and owe most of our rules and guidelines to the Jakarta project and are grateful for the guidance that we got from the Jakarta people.

This is an evolving document and we expect it to branch away from the Jakarta rules in the future. For the moment, we will reference the Jakarta project guidelines here and apply these to the Apache Turbine Project.

Project Guidelines

This document defines the guidelines of the Apache Turbine Project. It includes definitions of the various categories of membership, who is able to vote, how conflicts are resolved by voting, and the procedures to follow for proposing and making changes to the codebase of the Project.

Roles and Responsibilities
Defines the recognized roles in the project.
Defines how users and developers communicate.
Decision Making
Defines how action items are proposed and voted on.
Source Repositories
Defines how the Project's source code is organized and developed.
Project Management
Defines the roles and responsibilities of the Project Management Committee (PMC).
New Subproject Proposals
Defines the methodology for proposing new top level Jakarta Subprojects.

Like its ancestor at The Jakarta Site, this is a living document. Changes can be made by the Project Management Committee. Suggestions for changes should be discussed on the Turbine general mailing list.