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Example Apps

These are example apps you can download to learn how to work with Turbine.

Turbine Webapp

With Turbine Webapp Archetype on Gitbox (on GitHub) one can build fast an example app that demonstrates how to use Turbine. It also demonstrates Torque integration, Fulcrum Security and Fulcrum Intake, Fulcrum Json. Find more information in the blog in the blog entry "Maven archetypes for Apache Turbine applications - easier startup with Turbine".


(TODO: remove or update) Antelope is an example app that demonstrates how to use the Zebra workflow engine with Turbine. It also demonstrates Hibernate integration, Fulcrum Security, and a form processing engine similar to Intake.

OSWorkflow Example

TODO: remove or update) This example app shows how to integrate the OSWorkflow engine into Turbine. You can click through the various screens following the progress of your workflow.