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What is Fulcrum?

Fulcrum was originally created as part of the Turbine 3 effort. The idea was to be able to decouple the services from Turbine 2 allowing them to be used on both projects. Turbine 4/5 uses now about 15 Fulcrum components.

Fulcrum has evolved into a component repository based on the Avalon framework. Each service is being converted into a stand alone component that can be released independently of the other components. This will allow the Turbine project to to release components as they change instead of having to release everything at once. This will also allow other projects to take advantage of these components.

Container compatibility

All components are compatible in Avalon's ECM container. Any dependencies on other components, system properties, or context elements are clearly documented in the docs for each component.

Additionally, Fulcrum offers the Yaafi component. Yaafi (Yet Another Avalon Framework Implementation) is a very simple container that is meant to be used with singleton components. It is perfect for unit testing your components. You can then run them in any other Avalon container like ECM, Phoenix, Excalibur, etc..

Where do I get releases?

Download the current main release sources and binaries through the Apache mirror system at the fulcrum download site or from Github Fulcrum Release Section.

Please verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP signature (*.asc files) or the SHA512/SHA256 hash (*.sha512 or *.sha256 checksum files).

  • Find the signatures/checksums here (in subfolder binaries or source) .
  • Find the public keys used by the Turbine developers to sign the files.

How do I contribute, give feedback, fix bugs and so on?