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Weekly Status Report: 22 Feb 2002

New Committers

Pete Kazmier was added as a new committer this week. Pete has been doing tons of great documentation work, most notably in Torque and Stratum. The documentation is greatly appreciated by all users so many thanks to Pete! Welcome aboard!

Jauncarlo Arnez was added as a committer to work on Maven. Jaunco donated a JavaCC-based RCS ,v file parser so that we can add CVS log file analysis and continuous integration tools to Maven. Thanks Jaunco!

Tom Copeland was added as a committer to work on Maven. Tom donated importscrubber to Maven which is a tool that fully qualifies the import statements in Java source files. The guts behind this tool is dependency resolving mechanism that works on Java bytecode. We would like to use this method to automatically resolve project dependencies so that project descriptors with full dependencies can be made quickly by projects wishing to work with Maven. Thanks Tom!

Stephane Baillinez was added as a new committer to work on Maven. Stephane is an Ant developer, works on the Ant version of Gump and has already sent more patches than I can deal with :-)

Progress on JCS

Aaron and James have been refactoring some of the code and cleaning up the tests. John McNally is also starting to look at how to integrate JCS with Torque for object caching.

Progress on Maven

Maven has been coming along quite well. There is now a site to display what Maven can do, take a look here. In a nutshell we have:

  • The project being built from a project descriptor
  • The project documentation being built from a project descriptor
  • Automatic generation of a change log based on CVS output
  • Source cross reference with links to Javadoc
  • Source metrics
  • More information will be posted on the Turbine development list. But the basic upshot is that with the creation of a project descriptor you all the of what's listed above almost instantly.

    Progress on Turbine 3.x

    Unfortunately not much went on this week with Turbine directory as work on Maven took priority. Hopefully the use of Maven will help a larger set of developers understand Turbine 3.x more quickly and therefore spur on the development of Turbine 3.x.