Work to do for the current release

This file is intended to collect ideas, problems and work to do with the current Turbine code.

Work to do for the current release

No current items.

Stuff that needs to be looked into (current release or next release)

  • Make sure that pull tools get refreshed correctly under all circumstances (done?)
  • Check lifetimes of authorized and session tools if the application is not the standard login-logout application (done?)
  • Move AvalonComponentService to the Fortress container (suggested by the avalon-dev list) - or looking for an alternative
  • Move doclint and jacoco settings to Turbine parent

Blue Skying for future Turbine releases

  • Servlet 3.x asynchronous cycle handling / prototype / proof of concept (Servlet API is 2.5 in Turbine 4.x, but 3.x for Turbine 5.x in 2019)
  • OSGI or Java 9 modularization (proposal exists and Java required version is still 6 for Turbine in 2017