Release History

Version Date Description
2.0.0 SVN  
1.0.0 2005-05-13  

Release 2.0.0 - SVN

Type Changes By
update Moved security site to proper tv
update Changed to SCM-publish-plugin for site deployment (as provided by turbine parent v3) gk
update Cleaning up folders: added xdocs folder from parent folder, removed duplicate site/xdoc folder, emptied site/rersources folder as it is not used gk
update Added JSON component gk
update Changed old version to 1.0.0 (as it was declared in pom) gk

Release 1.0.0 - 2005-05-13

Type Changes By
update Moved intake component to the released components section. tv
update Moved parser component to the released components section. tv
add Added fulcrum:site to build a subprojects and the master project including Dashboard report sgoeschl
add Added Dashboard report sgoeschl
add Integrate the avalon-meta plugin into the project.xml files so that this dependency is downloaded. epugh
add Finished updating the conversion process. All the components that Steve McConnell revamped are integrated and building. epugh
add Changed multiproject site build so that instead of having a /docs/multiproject/fulcrum-XXX url, it is /docs/fulcrum-XXX url for all the components. Allows us to leverage the multiproject plugin better. Updated docs on building the site. Easier to update individual component site documentation this way. epugh
add Intake Component Added epugh
add Build process updated to use 'multiproject' plugin. Additionally, significantly more components have been converted to being seperate Avalon components. epugh
add The build process for Fulcrum has been changed. Now, when you build Fulcrum, it uses Maven's reactor to build the components individually. This means that Fulcrum itself no longer has a version number. The individual components are versioned seperately. For changes to individual components, see the docs for each component. quintonm