Turbine-Powered Web Sites


Here is a list of public web sites built atop the Turbine framework. This is by no means a complete listing of all of the Turbine-powered web sites. If you have a site to be listed here, please post a message on the Turbine-user mailing list.

URL Type Created By
http://www.couplecheckup.com An online relationship assessments for couples. Life Innovations, Inc.
www.jrank.org JRank is a pure Java search engine for websites. www.jrank.org
www.flashcan.com An interactive card making game using Turbine and Macromedia's Flash5. ZincRoe
Ana Auto Club AutoClub site Integrated Technology
www.nequalsone.com A web based marketing tool designed specifically for the health care industry. www.nequalsone.com
Homepage Toolbox Weblog / Photo Album / Page Designer-CMS Rob Leachman
24-7 Claims B2B marketplace to manage the work flow required for trading potential compensation claims. First Light Associates

Websites Using Turbine Technology

The websites below make use of Turbine technologies without having built their entire site around Turbine.

URL Type Created By
www.jxta.org JXTA technology is a set of open, generalized peer-to-peer protocols that allow any connected device on the network from cell phone to PDA from PC to server to communicate and collaborate in a peer to peer manner. CollabNet
www.netbeans.org Developer network for Sun Microsystem's open source IDE, NetBeans. CollabNet
www.openoffice.org Developer network for Sun Microsystem's OpenOffice (previously known as StarOffice). CollabNet
www.tigris.org Open source development tool suite. CollabNet
www.epmedia.at Website of an advertising agency. Turbine is used for the B2B part of the site. Martin Poeschl