Package Description
Turbine Servlet and Constants.
Modules (Action, Screen, Layout, Navigation, Page) classes for the Turbine view.
Action class implementations.
Session validator classes to be used with Turbine apps that use security.
Layout class implementations.
Navigation class implementations.
Page class implementations.
Screen class implementations.
Error Screen classes.
Security object definitions for the Security Service.
The Turbine processing pipeline is modeled after the pipeline found in Tomcat 4.0.1 (Catalina), and after the module architecture found in Apache httpd.
Contains the Service framework for Turbine.
Assemblerbroker Service looks for action, screen, page, layout classes based on class fragments.
The various lookup factories for the Assemblerbroker service.
Factories for the java class based view (all template views).
Factory for the python / jython based view.
Avalon based component service to provide access to avalon components for Turbine applications.
The JSON-RPC Service supports JavaScript to Java AJAX communications between browsers and Turbine applications.
JSP Service is used to provide Turbine with a Java Server page (JSP) based view.
Naming Service provides access to JNDI naming contexts.
Provides application tools that are put into the context of a template view.
Pull Tools to be used in a template based view.
Rundata Service provides a factory for the request cycle data objects.
The scheduler service can run tasks in the background.
The security service can be used to authenticate users based on database information.
Dummy Service to be used if no security is required.
Provides access to various resources from the web container.
The session service allows you to access session information of the servlet container.
Template Service maps template references to a view service and a template name.
The various mappers used by the Template service.
Provides skinning facilities for a Turbine web application.
Returns unique identifiers for session tracking, cookies etc.
Provide back-and-forth-mapping facilities for simplified URLs
Velocity Service is used to provide Turbine with a Velocity based view.
Various utilities used in Turbine and for Turbine based applications.
Template related utilities.
URI generation and processing from Turbine based applications.
Velocity related utility code.