How to build Turbine

Turbine is built using the Maven build tool. So to get started you should download and install Maven.

There are three major components to the core Turbine codebase. They are the Turbine server itself, a Maven plugin to make working Turbine easier, and an implementation of the Schedule and Security services that uses Torque to generate object mapping classes for the database backend.

To build these three projects, from the Turbine home directory just run 'maven' and by default each of these projects will be compiled, test cases run, and jar files created. This will also install the artifacts into your local Maven repository as well.

To build the site documentation, run maven multiproject:site, and this will build the site documenation for all the projects, and aggregate them together.

Extension Details

Maven Plugin for Turbine

You can then go into your local repostory and take the jar file called maven-turbine-plugin-XX.jar and place it in your maven plugins directory. Make sure to delete any existing onces. Then run maven -g and you will see the turbine goals. For more information see the site docs for the Maven plugin.

Torque Impl

The Torque implementations for the Schedule and Security services where broken out into seperate Maven projects in the Extensions directory because they require a codegeneration step before compiling the source code. Additioanlly, these services should implement an API defined by the main services Interface. This way, over time, other backend implementations of the Schedule and Security services can be added.