Resources Service

Within Turbine is a class for reading and accessing data in Property files. The classes that accomplish this have been borrowed from the Apache JServ project. These classes are called ExtendedProperties and are more feature complete than the Properties objects that are default in the Java Language specification. Turbine comes with a global properties file called This file is used to configure runtime directives within Turbine. You can also use this file to store your application specific resources or you can uses the Resources Services to create other files that are specific to your application.


To access data that is within the file, all you need to do is this:


String foo = TurbineResources

The above code sets the properties file name path so that it can be found. This only needs to be executed once per instance of the JVM because it is a mostly static class and can cache this information. The getString() line will retrieve the value out of the properties file that starts with " ". If that key value is not found in the properties file, then it will return the optional "defaultValue " as the String.

There is also a class, TurbineResourceServices that allows you to use the Services functionality to access information within TurbineResources. Since this is more work for the programmer, I will leave this as an exercise that you can do on your own. It is recommended that you just use the simple example above instead.