This document is for bragging about all of Turbine's features and inherent coolness. Turbine is well over 200 classes and contains a boat load of features and API's. Many of these can also be used indepently of Turbine. Almost all of the default implementations can be easily overridden with your own implementations. Turbine also has extensive Javadoc documentation for nearly all of the classes as well as in-code comments. At the risk of sounding snooty , Turbine is by far the leader of complex web application development tools. No other systems come close to being as cleanly implemented and executed. It clearly has been developed by the people who do web applications on a daily basis and have to constantly solve the same problems over and over again.

All of these features have been made possible thanks to the over 30 developers (and growing all the time!) who have contributed to Turbine over the last 2+ years.

  • Integration with template systems: Velocity, WebMacro, FreeMarker, JSP
  • Utility code for working with Velocity and WebMacro, such as a SelectorBox class for building