Turbine 2.2-rc2

Changes between Turbine 2.2-rc1 and 2.2-rc2.

Other changes

  • TTWS1: TemplatePageAttributes enhancements
  • TTWS5: Reference support for DynamicURI
  • TTWS13: IntakeTool.getGroups() should be public

Turbine 2.2-rc1

Changes between Turbine 2.2-b2 and 2.2-rc1.

Other changes

  • Enhancements to support Apache XML-RPC versions 1.2 alpha 1 and 2.

Fixed bugs

  • TRQD2: Update to intake-howto to mention remove()

Turbine 2.2-b2

Changes between Turbine 2.2-b1 and 2.2-b2.

The coupled version of Torque has been removed from Turbine 2.2!

Get a full list of changes at the Torque-site .

Changes that could break older environments

  • the coupled version of torque has been removed.

Other changes

  • Maven is used as build system for Turbine 2.2
  • removed antiquated redirect logic.
  • You can use log4j properties directly.
  • The configuration package has been moved from stratum to commons
  • BaseValueParser.setProperty() changed from private to protected

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed IllegalStateException when removing an attribute from an invalid session (patch by David Vandegrift - dvandegrift@bluearc.com)
  • Fixed NumberFormatException in UUIdGenerator.

Turbine 2.2b1

Changes between Turbine 2.1 and 2.2b1.

Torque and Fulcrum (the service framework) have been decoupled in preparation for Turbine 3.0. The decoupled versions can be used with Turbine 2.2. We strongly recommend to use the decoupled versions (some of the 'old' services must be used, because they are used internally by Turbine)

If you wrote your own services you should also change them to be Fulcrum services to make them work with Turbine 3.x

Changes that could break older environments

  • The Service interface was extended to allow integration of Service implementations:


    since most Service implementations extend BaseService (which implements a public getName method), this should not be an issue.

Other changes

  • ECS, Freemarker and Webmacro services/modules are marked deprecated . You should use Velocity instead.
  • Castor service is marked as deprecated . You should use om/peer classes instead!
  • The XSLT Service is updated to use Xalan 2.0
  • Improved datatype mappings for mysql, oracle, postgresql, sapdb
  • adding support for DB2 on AS400 (patch by Sweaver@rippe.com).
  • adding support for secure connections in the xmlrpc service.
  • Added a configuration parameter to torque, addTimeStamp, that allows the user to generate files without a timestamp. Default is true, timestamps will be generated.
  • Criteria.Criterion implements Serializable
  • DB implements Serializable
  • torque: id-methods sequence and autoincrement are deprecated . You should use native . torque uses the method provided by your database
  • added static strings for ISNULL and ISNOTNULL to Criteria.
  • added getDateString() method to format date fields to DB.
  • added VelocityDirectLayout/Screen to make it possible to embed servlet/JSP outputs into a Velocity template used within Turbine. (patch by raphael.luta@networks.groupvu.com)
  • added an easy to use localization pull tool.
  • Javadocs improvements.
  • Documentation improvements.

Fixed bugs

  • fixed error in Mssql unique.vm template (removed a blank line)
  • [2301] Embedding message parts in HtmlEmail throws NullPointerException.
  • bugfix for BigDecimal attributes with default value
  • fixed handling of sequences for db2, oracle, postgresql, sapdb
  • fixed syntax for create index (postgresql)
  • fixed problem for postgres with blob style column in TurbineUser table. (patch by Jerome Veryleyen)
  • BaseUnicastRemoteService.java: Corrected method name (setName -> getName).
  • fixed Roleset.add(RoleSet) (patch by lujin@yahoo.com)
  • fixed database - defaultIdMethod (torque)
  • fixed date formating problem with Oracle.
  • fixed problem when ignoreCase was used with ISNULL or ISNOTNULL.
  • fixed Option object initialisation in SelectorBox (patch by Kurt Grafius kurtg@jvoom.com)