This document describes what has changed in Turbine on a particular date. When we release these changes can be tracked on a release to release basis, but for now we'll just use the date to keep track of major changes.

18 March 2001

The following changes are a result of trying to order the initialization of the services according to order they are listed in the TR.props file. To effect this change, the Configuration class from Velocity was used because it internally keeps properties in order. Variants of the Configuration are used in three projects now so we should work on putting it somewhere so it can be reused. For now it's being pulled from the Velocity JAR included in the Turbine distribution but this will change when we find a home for the Configuration class.

  • The order of the services has been changed in the TR.props master file to reflect some dependencies services have on one another.
  • The way to tools are specified for the Pull Service has changed because the Configuration class takes care of correct ordering. The loader-order key is no longer required as the tools will be instantiated in the order they appear in the TR.props file.
  • Big cleanup to the TurbineResourcesService directory. The Configuration class is an amalgamation of the ConfigurationRepository/Configurations/ExtendedProperties class so they have been removed and the Configuration class is now used in their place. Here is a list of the affected files:
    • modules/actions/
    • services/
    • services/
    • services/logging/
    • services/naming/
    • services/pull/
    • services/resources/
    • services/resources/
    • services/resources/
    • services/xmlrpc/

    Most of these changes have to do with the fact the the keys returned from a Configuration are in the form of an Iterator, not an Enumeration.

  • Some dead files were removed from the TurbineResources directory. The ErrorResources and the MessageResources. The MessageResources wasn't doing anything and the ErrorResources looked like it was being used in TurbineResources but none of the errors it was supposed to trap had any effect. For example the message that it is supposed to display when the TR.props file is missing wasn't displayed. It looked a bit sketchy anyway so I removed it. If anyone feels strongly about it they can put it back. I think we can with a better error mechanism any way.
  • The Velocity service has been updated to reflect recent changes made in Velocity. The Velocity service has started using the Velocity class which is now the client code contract with Velocity internals.
  • TurbineUploadService changed so that a repository path specified without a leading / is relative to the webapp.

21 March 2001

  • Email classes

    Added ability to set SMTP-From headers, to direct all 'delivery failed' messages to a separate mailbox.

    TR.props also changed to allow for an address for all messages with failed delivery.
  • Pull Service

    Added getTool() method to allow access to request level tools in the context without having to do an annoying cast.
  • Scheduler Service

    Cleaned up logging in the WorkerThread class.

22 March 2001

  • HttpUtils class added

    A place to hang HTTP utility routines. Currently provides date formatting and cache header control. Unfortunate name conflict with HttpUtils class in the javax.servlet package , but consistant with current utility class naming scheme.

25 March 2001

  • Configuration functionality add to services.

    Services now have access to a Configuration object that can be used instead of a Properties object. Hopefully we can eliminate the use of Properties all together. Right now the Velocity Service is the example of how to use the Configuration object inside a service.
  • Torque

    The Torque tasks have been cleaned up. Tried to place as much of the information required for generation in a configuration file. Hopefully this will allow us to add functionality to the generating process without having to alter the ant task code.
  • Velocity Service

    Updated to keep in step with the changes that are being made as Velocity moves to 1.0. Velocity can now be fully configured from the TR.props. In the Velocity service the subset of the TR.props that pertain to the Velocity service are extracted and passed on to the Velocity Runtime. This should make the Velocity service easier to configure.

2 April 2001

  • Template Services

    TemplateService was reworked to associate template file name extensions with TemplateEngineService implementations and delegate to the appropriate registered service. The easiest wasy to write such a TemplateEngineService implementation is to extend the new BaseTemplateEngineService class.
  • BasePeer

    Added database.query.debug flag for control of query logging at the DEBUG level.

5 April 2001

  • SQL Logging Facility

    A new SQL logging facility has been defined, initially set to ERROR level. Currently, the logging level must be loosened to DEBUG to produce logging output.
  • BasePeer

    Dropped database.query.debug from BasePeer in favor of logging SQL queries to the sql facility instead. at DEBUG level.

7 April 2001

  • Added SequencedHashtable and BufferCache Collections classes

    SequencedHashtable is a Hashtable whose keys are sequenced. The sequencing of the keys allow easy access to the values in the order which they were added in. Thread safe.

    BufferCache is a fixed length object cache implementing the LRU algorithm. Convenient for buffering recently used objects.

8 April 2001

  • Service Names and

    Each service's SERVICE_NAME constant has been changed from the name of Turbine's implemtating class to the name of the service's interface.

9 April 2001

  • TurbineServices

    Bug fix to getProperties(String name) to properly handle internal use of Configuration class for multi-value keys. A ClassCastException was being thrown erroneously, contradicting the behavior noted in the JavaDoc. JavaDoc was updated to recommend getConfiguration(String name) for multi-value keys.

11 April 2001

  • TurbineUploadService

    Bug fix to close FileItem OutputStream after data has been written into it.
  • MultiPartEmail and FileItem (upload service)

    Made FileItem implement the javax.activation.DataSource interface, and had MultiPartEmail accept DataSource specified attachments.
  • HtmlEmail

    Now will only form a multipart/alternative body part if both the HTML and text parts are specified. If either is omitted, only the other will be used as the body.

14 April 2001

  • StringUtils and VelocityEmail

    Text wrapping capabilities added to StringUtils. Hooks added to VelocityEmail to make use of this new StringUtils functionality.

17 April 2001

  • Security

    Users/Roles/Groups security was extensively revamped in a branch. Now merged back into the HEAD.

18 April 2001

  • BaseUnicastRemoteService

    Added a base implementation of a java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteObject as a Turbine Service.

24 April 2001

  • TimeSelector

    Integrated a new org.apache.turbine.util.TimeSelector component into org.apache.turbine.util.parser.BaseValueParser.