Public goals

These are the visible goals of the M.E.T.A. plugin, that you can use for building and deploying your application.


turbine:setupSetup a new Turbine web application
turbine:deployDeploys the Application into a local web container for testing
turbine:sqlBuild the SQL files necessary for the application
turbine:warGenerate a Turbine based Web application (war)
turbine:install-libs Updates the libraries for an inplace application

Callback goals

These goals are called from the M.E.T.A.-installed maven.xml file in your application. They hook into other plugins and allow M.E.T.A. to integrate with the regular maven build process.


turbine:clean-clean postGoal When you run the clean:clean (or just clean) goal in your web application and you use inplace deployment, then the clean goal also removes your WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes directory. This ensures that no stale classes or libraries from previous compile-deploy-test cycles have been left behind.
turbine:java-compile preGoal Most Turbine applications generate some classes (the Torque peer classes) at compile time. This preGoal ensures that java tree from src/java gets copied into target/src and the auto-generated classes are mixed in correctly.

Also runs the om generation goals if the peer classes are out of date.
turbine:java-compile postGoal For an inplace application, this updates the needed libraries in the library location of an inplace application.
turbine:torque-datadtd preGoal Ensures that the the data definition files and their dtds are copied into the build tree before running the goal.
turbine:torque-datasql preGoal Ensures that the the data definition files and their dtds are copied into the build tree before running the goal.
turbine:torque-init preGoal Copies the schema files from src/schema into the build tree and replaces properties on the fly. As torque:init is run before every other torque goal, this preGoal ensures that all torque goals work on the latest schema file versions.
turbine:torque-insert-sql preGoal Makes sure that all SQL files are up-to-date before torque tries to insert them into your databases.
turbine:war-webapp postGoal Copies the Turbine specific parts of a web application (templates, scripts, styles, images and configuration) into the web application tree.

Private goals

There are a few more goals in this plugin which are for internal use and you should never need to call them directly.

These goals might change from relase to release (or even between releases). They're not public and their function outside the M.E.T.A. plugin.jelly file is undefined.



Deprecated goals

These goals should no longer be used and might be removed in a later version.


turbine:webapp Replaced by turbine:war.