Release History

1.4 in Subversion
1.3 2005-10-03
1.3-rc2 2005-09-19
1.3-rc1 2005-09-12
1.2 2004-10-31
1.2-rc1 2004-08-23
1.1-dev in CVS
2.4-dev in CVS

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Release 1.4 - in Subversion


Release 1.3 - 2005-10-03


Release 1.3-rc2 - 2005-09-19

fix The data source definition properties for Torque were missing a dsfactory component. henning
fix The plugin created POMs that were not maven 1.1 compatible. henning

Release 1.3-rc1 - 2005-09-12

fix turbine.plugin.src.test was ignored when generating the POM for a new project. Fixes TTWS64. Thanks to Brad Folkens . henning
add Add a new flag to turn off id-table sql generation. henning
update Bugfix: when and pom.artifactId were different, the generation of data SQL failed. henning

Release 1.2 - 2004-10-31

add Add IDE (Eclipse) Howto. henning
update Bring 2.3.1 flavor in line with Turbine and Torque release. henning

Release 1.2-rc1 - 2004-08-23

add Add a personality for the upcoming Turbine 2.3.1 release. henning
add Different OM layers can be configured when setting up the application. Currently only Torque and no OM layer are supported (Volunteers for Hibernate, OJB wanted!) henning
update Installation of the demo pages to verify the function of a new web application can be skipped. henning
add Most parts of the plugin deployment and WAR packing can be skipped by setting skip properties and replaced by custom postGoal scripts. henning
update remove the inplace switch, replace with mode selection to allow easy adding of other modes (Hint! Hint! We could really use an Eclipse Mode using the eclipse plugin). henning
update Moved the flavor directories into common directories under the flavor version (suggested by Eric Pugh). henning
add Added a resources directory as it is referenced in many other parts of the Turbine documentation (suggested by Lester Ward). henning
update Reworked the inplace mode to be really " in place " . No more turbine:deploy needed (suggested by Lester Ward). henning
update Reworked the creation of the maven.war.webxml property (suggested by Lester Ward). henning
add Added a pages directory to put HTML pages that are part of an application in. henning
add Added an index.html page so that accessing the webapp without any other part pa ths redirect to the Turbine home page. henning
add Add copyright notices to all files. henning

Release 1.1-dev - in CVS

update Replaced the turbine:inplacegoal by making turbine:deployconfigureable. henning
add Add lots of xdocs for documenting the plugin. henning
add Add for setting up different types of Turbine applications. henning

Release 2.4-dev - in CVS

add Added goals turbine:inplace-war and turbine:inplace-clean to facilate inplace editing of war files. epugh
add Put various *.master files directly in the plugin resouces directory. epugh
update Allow the plugin to compile by adding required empty directories. epugh